Women In Engineering

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This mailing list is used by the Women in Engineering Adviser to communicate with undergraduate students who self-identify as women in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Auckland.

Postings will include scholarship opportunities, WEN events and other items that might be of particular interest to women engineering students.


This list is not automatically generated, so you will not be automatically removed when you graduate. Once you have subscribed to the list, you can manage your settings directly.

e.g. if you wish to subscribe using different email address, send an email from that email account to sympa@list.foe.auckland.ac.nz with the subject line:

SUBSCRIBE women-in-engineering@list.foe.auckland.ac.nz

Do not include any text at all in the message body.


To unsubscribe, send an email to sympa@list.foe.auckland.ac.nz with either the subject line

(1) UNSUBSCRIBE women-in-engineering@list.foe.auckland.ac.nz


(2) UNSUBSCRIBE women-in-engineering@list.foe.auckland.ac.nz your_email_address

Use option (1) if sending from the email account that is subscribed to the list, and use option (2) if sending from a different email account.

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